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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Gloria Jean’s Coffees, the largest mall based retailer of specialty coffees in North America. Our first store opened in 1979. Today, there are 50 throughout the US with plans to expand annually. Our growth and success depend on our ability to provide the best coffee in the world and the best customer service. We are respected as the leading specialty coffee retailer, specializing in flavored coffees!

At Gloria Jean’s Coffees, coffee is our passion. We painstakingly select our arabica beans from only the most discriminating sources, with whom we share a commitment to bring you the highest quality coffee in the world. From bean to cup, nothing is compromised, making Gloria Jean’s coffee the very finest you can buy. 

Gloria Jean’s Coffees Vision Statement

Gloria Jean’s Coffees will be the most loved and respected coffee company worldwide.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees Mission Statement

Gloria Jean’s Coffees is committed to building a unified family who consistently serve the highest quality coffee and provide outstanding and personalized service in a vibrant store atmosphere.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees Values Statement

  • Partnership based on Integrity and Trust
  • Commitment to Excellence and Innovation
  • A Culture of Joy and Passion
  • Belief in People, Building and Changing Lives


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