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  • How to store your Gloria Jean’s Coffee

    Posted by RL Policar Policar on Aug 18, 2017

    Here at Gloria Jean’s Coffees we’d like to think we’re coffee experts. That means anytime we hire someone new I will take them through a rigorous coffee education training no matter what their role is with the company. From Receptionists to Executives, we make sure they learn the ins-and-outs of the coffee world.

    One of the most common questions people ask us is “how should I store my coffee?” There’s actually a lot of misconceptions on this method. Some say to store it in the fridge or freezer. While others leave it in the bag that it comes in.  Storing coffee the proper way will ensure that each cup you brew will be as fresh as the day you got the beans.

    So here’s what we recommend. Get yourself a large hermetic glass storage jar that has a locking metal latch. These types of storage jars are great because of the air tight seal they create. Another storage option could be a mason jar with a lid. These offer affordable storage solutions and they are available in various sizes. The benefit of this is you can grind your coffee and store it in smaller containers that way you only have to open one jar up at a time, preventing the other grounds from going stale.

    Keeping these storage containers on the kitchen counter or in a cupboard would be the best place for it. Storing coffee in the fridge or freezer will dry the coffee out plus they’ll absorb any aromas that might be lingering.

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  • Thank you for your patience! Here’s a Coupon Code!

    Posted by RL Policar Policar on Aug 16, 2017

    To show our appreciation for your patience during our website renovation, we’d like to offer you 10% off your purchase of $50 or more (online only). Offer expires 08/27/2017

    Simply enter the following coupon code at check out: greatcoffee10

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  • Can’t login?

    Posted by RL Policar Policar on

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  • How to neutralize your coffee maker from previous flavored coffees

    Posted by RL Policar Policar on Jun 23, 2016

    As you know Gloria Jean’s Coffees offers a wide variety of flavored coffees. Some of our flavors vary from fruit inspired, chocolates and nutty. With that being said, if you find that when you’re switching over from one flavor to

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  • Irish Creme Hazelnut Coffee-Sale

    Posted by RL Policar Policar on Jun 7, 2016

    For a limited time, Gloria Jean’s Coffees is making their popular flavor, Irish Creme Hazelnut Coffee available on a discounted price. Normally $15.99, now only $12.99.

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  • Gloria Jean’s Coffees: Secret Menu item

    Posted by RL Policar Policar on Jun 6, 2016

    Today we’re going to talk about a secret menu item. This is a great summer time chiller drink and has proven to be popular with some of our office staff. The secret flavor is Cotton Candy.

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