Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is highly regarded, carefully graded and processed. It is the coffee of choice for those who enjoy a floral aroma and bright, citrus and blueberry flavors. It has a light, sweet body, a smooth and even acidity and a pleasant lingering aftertaste.

    * Does not contain nuts or dairy products.

     iconAroma - Floral
     icon Flavor Notes - Florals, Citrus & Blueberries
     icon Body - Medium
     icon Acidity - Low-Medium
     icon Finish - Fleeting
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    Image Brewing Guide

    Brewing Guide

    Don't own a coffee grinder? No worries! Order our 'ground coffee beans' or visit your local Gloria Jean's Coffees store to have your favorite coffee ground to match your preferred at-home brewing method!

    Brewing tips for ground coffee beans:  2tbsp of ground coffee per 6oz water

    Brewing Methods:


    Pour over is a delicate and clean way of preparing filter coffee, that accentuates the sweet and tea-like qualities of well roasted coffee. Similar to a traditional drip filter.

    French Press:

    The coffee plunger, also known as a French Press, is one of the simplest ways to brew and enjoy coffee. This method of brewing coffee captures the flavors and essential oils, as the coffee grounds remain in direct contact with the brewing water and the grounds are filtered from the water via a mesh.

    Drip Filter: 

    Drip brewing or filtered coffee, is a method for brewing coffee that involves water being introduced to ground coffee contained in a filter, over a period of time. As the water flows through the ground coffee, it absorbs the essential oils and essences in order to produce the coffee. The drip filter is great for serving multiple coffees as it usually has the ability to hold a large amount of coffee and keep it warm.


    The AeroPress is a manual coffeemaker invented by Alan Adler, founder of AeroPress, Inc. It consists of a cylindrical chamber, and a plunger with an airtight silicone seal, similar to a syringe. Ground coffee beans and water are steeped inside, then forced through a filter by pressing the plunger through the chamber.

    Image Nutrition


    Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee beans. Gloria Jean’s flavored coffees contain natural and artificial flavors. Does not contain nuts or dairy products.

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