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How to neutralize your coffee maker from previous flavored coffees

As you know Gloria Jean’s Coffees offers a wide variety of flavored coffees. Some of our flavors vary from fruit inspired, chocolates and nutty. With that being said, if you find that when you’re switching over from one flavor to

another that you might experience cross-flavoring. This means your Amaretto Flavored Coffee has a hint of Orange Almond Blossom.

To remedy this issue you’ll have to neutralize the flavored coffee from your machine. It’s rather simple to do this. The first thing you’ll need to do is wash the basket and pot thoroughly with a soapy sponge. That way you’re getting rid of any remaining coffee oils and flavors that the previous pot left behind. The next step is to get regular/non-flavored coffee and brew a full pot. What this will do is neutralize any remaining flavored coffee left behind. If you find that the scent of the flavor is still there, brew another pot of regular coffee. By that time, the previous flavors should be gone.

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