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Spy photos of coffees coming!

Here’s a spy shot of some coffee from Gloria Jean’s Coffees that we’re introducing next week. The one on the left is actually a well known flavor that we unlocked from Gloria’s Vault. The one on the right is a new flavor that our Executive Chef worked on.  Under strict embargo, I am not allowed to divulge this information. But I can give you some hints. The one on the left has some sort of chocolate flavor. The one on the right has chocolate flavor as well.

No matter what, these flavored coffees from Gloria Jean’s is going to be pleasurable to your palettes. It’s no secret that Gloria Jean’s Coffees makes the best flavored coffees out there. While most companies produce flavored coffees with inferior robusta beans, we go above and beyond by using Specialty Grade Arabica beans. That means you’ll be sipping on some of the highest quality coffee available. In addition, to using Specialty Grade Arabica beans, you’ll be treated to the smoothness of this coffee. Using high quality beans means it will be less acidic and high in flavor. In simple terms, it will taste great and the same time it will not upset your stomach.

The official product launch for these coffees is set for January 15th, 2018. Once this coffee is available, we’ll make sure that we have it up for sale on our website. Our franchise stores will also be carrying plenty of these coffees.


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