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Why Gloria Jean’s Coffees

Did you know that Gloria Jean’s Coffees is the pioneer of flavored coffee? Yes it’s true! Back in the early 70’s Gloria Jean was the first to flavor the coffees she sold in her store. The very first flavor was Vanilla. Fast forward 40 years later Gloria Jean’s Coffees roasts a variety of flavored coffees all year long.

The roasting facility located in Santa Fe Springs, California roasts 200-400lb batches of specialty grade coffee beans from around the world. Out flavored coffee variety uses high end South American beans. We use this recipe because our Roast Master has spent years perfecting the proper balance of aromas, flavors and roast type to bring out the best flavors in each small batch.

To give you an idea on how Gloria Jean’s does flavored coffee, we take our small batch of coffee and use our proprietary methods and infuse the beans with the delicate flavors such as Blueberry Sunrise, Butter Toffee, Caramel Nut, Irish Crème, Amaretto and many more. This whole process can take up to 7 days.

By the time you get your coffee from our online store, the beans will have optimum flavor profiles that literally puts a smile on your face. Just imagine opening up your bag of Gloria Jean’s Flavored Coffees, breathing in that wonderful aroma, then brewing it to perfection. All that is enough to keep coming back to us. But wait until you taste the coffee! It’s smooth, balanced, low acidity and perfect.

We recommend that you use 2 table spoons of grounds per every 6 ounces of hot water. Enjoy it black or dress it with cream and sugar. Our flavored coffee benefits from cream and sugar because it helps enhance the flavors, we like to say in the office, “it makes the flavor POP!”

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