Coffee Freshness Standards

Coffee Freshness Standards

A major key to excellent coffee is freshness. Exposure to oxygen is the major cause of stale coffee.

In order to maintain our standards of freshness, we package all of our coffee beans in one way valve-bags immediately after they are removed from the roaster. By using the valve-bags, the beans remain as fresh as the day they were roasted for up to 1 year.

NOTE: Depending on how you keep your coffee, ground coffee will last up to 6 weeks from the day it is grounded.

Four simple ways to keep coffee fresh

  1. Always store coffee in airtight containers located in a cool and dry place

  2. Keep coffee away from the following
    - Extreme temperatures (too hot or too cold)
    - Light
    - Moisture
    - Strong odors

  3. Do not freeze or refrigerate coffee

  4. Purchase coffee weekly and then grind the beans immediately before brewing; whole beans stay fresh longer than already ground coffee.