Our Colombian Supremo is a balanced, vibrant and satisfying coffee.

With a rich aroma, the coffee is well balanced, pairs well with milk and is good for drinking at all times of the day.

Important notes: The very highest grown coffees in Central America and Colombia tend to be bold, more intense and fuller bodied.

The lower grown coffees of Colombia are typically softer and sweeter. Colombian coffee beans are ‘washed’, meaning that the fruit is removed from the green beans using water.

Washed coffees produce cleaner, grassy and green flavors.

Gloria Jeans’ Special Blend is a balanced, well rounded coffee with a medium body and a smooth finish.

This coffee is served excellent with milk and is a blend from three distinguished Arabica beans from Central and South America.

Sumatra is a complex coffee with a pleasant, mellow flavor. It has a medium-full body, sweet flavor, and is very low in acidity.

Sumatran Coffee is a coffee lover’s dream.

The genuine heart of Gloria Jean’s Coffees. A smoky aroma with a deep and rich flavor, a medium and bittersweet finish.

This coffee delivers a smooth, bold, true coffee flavors – just what espresso needs. The oils make a good, long lasting crema – the sign of a great espresso.

This coffee is best served with milk.